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Our Experience

We value quality work, responsiveness, and effective communication. Our dedicated team is committed to providing our clients with innovative, practical and cost-effective engineering solutions. Leadership in our organization embraces project management, safety, and results. These traits combine to serve the high expectations of our clients.


Heartland Engineers have a wide variety of skill sets that are applicable to a wide range of projects. Below are some of our combined experiences acquired in our previous places of employment or with Heartland.

Combined Project Experience

Delayed Coker Units (DCU) Realignment

Due to the “banana effect” typical to DCU, coker vessels had to be vertically realigned with the drill steams to allow for the de-coking process. This is a common problem across the industry and cannot be overlooked.

Delayed Coker Units Large Bore Piping Re-design

High temperature (<500°C) and severe cyclic service large-bore DCU piping redesign to mitigate repeated pipe failure.

DCU Blowdown Header

Blowdown header redesign to mitigate issues caused by the temperature gradient (150°C) and slug flow.

Tailings, Naphtha Recovery Unit, Cold Water and Hot Process Water piping design

Above ground and underground pipelines design.

Conventional Oil

Design of Field Batteries, Compressor Stations, Satellites and Pipelines

Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

Well pads, Electric Submersible Pumps, dilution water supply and other miscellaneous systems.

Debottlenecking and Expansions

Multiple projects and applications. Classifying Cyclone Underflow Sizing and Four Way Raw Coal Distributor Replacement Miscellaneous.

Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU)

Modular design approach, which can be considered a preliminary Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). Fabricator and procurement representative were present during design, fabrication, transportation and construction.





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