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New & Co-locate sites:

For new and co-locate sites, the most time-consuming activity is gathering site data for use in RF design and engineering. Many times, multiple site visits are required to capture missed information & dimensions. This not only causes project delays but can also be frustrating for landlords to repeatedly grant access to the rooftops.

Heartland Telecom is proud to introduce photogrammetry and laser scanning utilizing point cloud data to the telecom industry. In many cases, we can gather required information via drone without accessing the rooftop at all. Our 3D scans are accurate to within a few millimeters and can be used for SC6 analysis. These scans also eliminate the need to redraw rooftops for use in engineering drawing packages. New mounts and cable trays can be easily modelled and integrated directly into our point cloud models. In a matter of hours, we can not only provide accurate layout drawings, but also a video fly-through of our proposed installation. These videos will assist greatly during not only the site acquisition process, but also any municipal approval meetings.


Existing Site Inspections:

The RF levels on many rooftops and towers can pose a safety hazard to those responsible for regular visual inspection of existing structures. These inspections require two or more crew members and can take considerable time to conduct. Photogrammetry is a remotely operated drone technology that offers detailed reporting on site components in real-time. This tool eliminates the need for any employee to be exposed to dangerous RF levels and altitudes. The scan collects dimensions and clear images of all aspects of installation. 


Projects That We Are Proud Of

Heartland provides Engineering Consulting and Construction Services to a wide variety of industries.

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